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Inclusive-Partners LLC’s purpose is to help its clients better understand and navigate the regulatory, compliance and legal landscape of providing sustainable financial access to underserved communities. We guide clients to greater positive impact, growth, profitability and relevance.

Brad Blower
Principal and Founder

Passionate About Creating Better Outcomes

I started Inclusive-Partners LLC to collaborate with non-profits and for-profits working on financial inclusion, based on over 35 years of experience providing legal, policy and strategic advice in the areas of fair lending, consumer protection and community reinvestment. My goal is to support how your organization navigates these complexities - seeing around corners and connecting the regulatory and strategy intersections. 

Brad Blower

My varied and unique base of extensive experience includes guiding government agencies, large financial institutions, fintechs and non-profits to do more for underserved communities, while at the same time enhancing their positive impact, growth, profitability and relevance.

Throughout my career, I have been a guide on a wide variety of initiatives including housing and fair lending policy, effective and compliant use of artificial intelligence and alternative data, strategies for improving community reinvestment, appraisal discrimination and small business lending. 

After graduating from Duke Law School and Yale University, I entered my legal career with a focus on creative and thoughtful strategies to improve the lives of consumers.  That passion to work together for a fair and inclusive future is what I offer to you and your organziation.  I am based in Washington, D.C. and serve clients nationally.

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